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Whether your case is a divorce case with children, or a paternity case, you will have to address matters related to child support.

  • Child Support Lawyer Melbourne FL Child Support Law is governed by Florida Statutes and the statutory child support guidelines. The guidelines calculate the parties’ child support obligations based on such things as the parties’ gross incomes, cost of health insurance coverage, cost of child care, and the time sharing schedule. Child support is considered a right of the child not a right of the parents, so there is limited opportunity to deviate from the guideline amount.
  • Occasionally, the State of Florida Department of Revenue begins a child support case in Melbourne FL  which can run simultaneously with a divorce in Melbourne FL or paternity case. Dealing with the Department presents its own very unusual variables to the child support issue.
  • In addition to establishing an ongoing child support obligation, the Court may also address whether one parent owes the other retroactive child support, going back as far as two years before a party filed a child support case.
  • It is vitally important for a party to have an attorney through the process. Ric has handled simple and complex child support cases. Ric will advise you of your rights and responsibilities, guide you through the process, prepare you properly for Court events, and advise you of your alternatives and of probable outcomes if you go before a judge.
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Child Support Lawyer Melbourne FL

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