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Ric has handled hundreds of dissolution of marriage actions since 1991, with cases ranging the entire spectrum of issues that a divorce case presents. A divorce case can have issues of time sharing and Shared Parental Responsibility of children, child support, retroactive child support, equitable distribution of assets and debts, including what to do with the marital home. Other issues include, alimony, attorneys fees, and injunction relief.

  • There are certain obligations imposed on parties by the State of Florida and by Brevard County, such as financial disclosure obligations, and a directive to review and follow the local Administrative Order. If there are children involved, the parents are obligated to attend a Parent Education seminar, and to prepare a Parenting Plan for Divorce Law Melbourne FL.
  • An uncontested divorce usually takes just a matter of weeks from the time the parties sign the Marital Settlement Agreement. A contested divorce generally takes at least a year if the case goes to a final trial before a judge. Most of that year is spent waiting for the final court date. Of course, if your attorney isn’t doing the things that are necessary to move the case forward, the case will take longer than a year.
  • Through the process, the party may expect to attend various hearings, including a hearing for Temporary Relief, to establish a party’s rights and responsibilities on a temporary basis, pending the final hearing. The party will also very likely attend mediation, a court-ordered settlement conference that is conducted by a court-appointed mediator.
  • It is vitally important for a party to have an attorney through the process. Ric has handled simple and complex divorces. Ric will advise you of your rights and responsibilities, guide you through the process, prepare you properly for Court events, and advise you of your alternatives and of probable outcomes if you go before a judge
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Divorce Law Melbourne FL

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