Time Sharing Visitation Lawyer Melbourne FL

Whether your case is a divorce case with children, or a paternity case, you intend to establish a Parenting Plan for you with your children, so that you will understand your rights and responsibilities for your children.

  • Florida Rules of Family Law Procedure requires parents to prepare and file a Parenting Plan, which is basically a parent’s “wish list” of what he or she would like to see the Court establish, regarding such things as the week-to-week and holiday/special occasion time sharing with the children. The Parenting Plan also addresses such matters as how the parents should transport the children for time sharing, how to address extra-curricular activities, where the children should attend school, and the need to establish a phone contact schedule.
  • If the parents are unable to agree to a Parenting Plan (either in mediation, or outside of the Court system), the Judge assigned to the case will decide the Parenting Plan.
  • It is vitally important for a party to have an attorney through the process. Ric has handled simple and complex time sharing cases. Ric will advise you of your rights and responsibilities, guide you through the process, prepare you properly for Court events, and advise you of your alternatives and of probable outcomes if you go before a judge.
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Time Sharing Visitation Lawyer Melbourne FL

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